Tunable White Technologie
Light exactly according to your needs: not only bright, but bio-dynamic!
The dynamics of natural daylight are the foundation of our well-being. Optimum lighting therefore not only takes into account the various room situations, it also takes into account individual human needs.

Our Tunable White Technology* enables intelligently controlled lighting concepts for interiors that support the inner clock and thus well-being, health, motivation, concentration and performance.

Thanks to our Tunable White technology you can change the light of the LED lights individually or programmed via DALI continuously from warm to neutral to cold white. This not only opens up new possibilities for staging light, it also makes it possible to recreate a natural lighting process throughout the day, even in windowless rooms.

Tunable White: for the individualisation of light

The so-called Human Centric Lighting (HCL)-compatible planning, which places people at the centre of the lighting design, considers many other aspects in addition to sufficient daylight input into the rooms: On the one hand, there is the individual visual requirement - older people often need higher illuminance levels. On the other hand, the current activity - most people can concentrate better in neutral white light and are therefore more efficient, but prefer warm white light for creative work, meetings and relaxation during breaks.

Tunable White: for multifunctional use of space

With Tunable White technology, rooms can be used more multifunctionally: In the evening, the brightly lit foyer transforms into a cosy after-work or event area...

Tunable White: for an individual product presentation

Silver requires a different light like gold and tomatoes need a different light like bananas in order to look fresh...

Depending on the colour temperature of the LEDs, food appears more appetizing and clothing is perceived more exquisitely. If assortments or
exhibits change, the right light is available at the touch of a button: via remote control, touch panel or mobile device.
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